Helicopter skiing in BC Canada – a brief history and outlook

In 1953, an Austrian mountain guide known by the name of Hans Gmoser was determined to transform his lifetime dream into reality and set the foundations of his own mountain skiing company. As Gmoser was not a rich man, it wasn’t at all easy for him to accomplish his enthusiastic goals, but that never stopped him from persevering in his endeavors. Without any help from the outside, it took him many years to save the money needed to move to Banff, where he would pursue a career as a professional guide in the sumptuous and striking mountain scenery surrounding Mount Assiniboine, often nicknamed “Canada’s Matterhorn” by the locals.

Within a few years’ time span, Gmoser became very familiar with the mountain and adjoining areas, and one after another, he uncovered and learned all the intimate secrets of the region. As his knowledge of Mount Assiniboine was growing, so did his urge to share the natural beauty of the mountain scenery in Western Canada with other people, and as days went by, Gmoser was getting closer and closer to fulfilling his ambitions.

The extensive backcountry experience he had accumulated as a guide over the years enabled Hans to set the grounds for a small company called Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), a name that he would etch in the pages of history. With Hans in charge, business was going smoothly and the company was rapidly gaining in popularity, as Hans was directly involved in attracting and leading thousands of skiers and mountain climbers on fascinating, previously untouched mountain routes.

More than five decades later, the helicopters rides and the skiing equipment have changed radically, but the dream inspired by Hans Moser is as vivid and authentic as ever. Nowadays, his mission is carried on further by a new generation of dedicated guides, whose main strive is to share the thrill and excitement of heli skiing BC Canada with the many thousands of winter sports enthusiasts who come to this place every year.

The perfect mix between bountiful snowfall and permissive weather conditions render the region of British Columbia ideal for practicing heli skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. Helicopter skiing operations are renowned for their quality and diversity of service, and with so many dedicated companies functioning in the region, it is easy to find one that suits your exact needs and requirements.

The main differences between the helicopter skiing operations of today are in areas like lodging conditions, the types and sizes of the helicopters used, the number of skiers in a group, as well as the locations of the lodges. While some lodges are more secluded and intimate, others are situated right in the heart of towns to provide access to a larger array of entertainment options and other facilities. A number of operations have become specialized in offering daily helicopter skiing services directly from a ski resort, while others only offer multi-day packages for which you need to make bookings long in advance. Overall, British Columbia has come a long way since the 50’s, nowadays offering a broad spectrum of dedicated heli skiing services to satisfy all preferences and to meet almost any budget.

Why don’t you give snowcat boarding a try?

There are a many types of sports we can all practice and the most attractive seem to be those that involve water and snow. Snow sports are by far the most reachable as you can practice your skills at snowboarding or skiing during any time of year. With transportation now being quite cheap and fast you don’t have to wait for winter to arrive as it is possible to go wherever you want for your vacation. Skiing and boarding are quite easy to learn if you are willing to commit a few days to falling and getting back up again. It is not a walk in the park but once you get the hang of it the sky is the limit. Regular mountain resorts where couples go with their kids and ride slowly and safely down the mountain are a great choice if you have never tried a pair of skis or a board.

If you, however, have acquired a bit of skill under your belt and are quite confident in your reflexes you can try taking the next step to snowcat boarding or snowcat skiing. If you think traditional skiing is a thrilling experience you have no seen nothing yet. Powder skiing removes all and any limits that are usually associated with this sport and puts all the power in your hands. There is really nothing you can’t do and no route you can’t take when on a snowcat boarding or snowcat skiing trip. You really have to forget all the safety tips that are applicable for regular slopes as you will be give a new set of instructions meant to keep you as safe as possible. Adrenaline is the reason why most people come back again and again for snowcat boarding and snowcat skiing experiences and if that is one thing you can be sure of is that adrenaline is in large supply.

Powder skiing has first appeared after some very inspired and brave people decided to forget all about the regular mountain resorts with slopes that can be ridden even by ten year olds and become decision makers when it comes to going down the mountain. Powder skiing is not for the faint of heart in any way as it involves a great deal of risk. Also, people that practice powder skiing have to be in great physical shape as it takes a great deal of effort to navigate your way through remote mountain regions where there are no indicators and signs to show you the right way.

If at the beginning of this sport skiers had to make their way up the mountain in any way they could, today it is an entirely different matter and tourists get up the mountain in quality snowcat vehicles that keep them warm and comfortable until they reach the top. Snowcat boarding and snowcat skiing is becoming more and more open to everyone interested as prices have gone down tremendously and new resorts are popping up in countries all over the world.